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Read about Benjamin Franklin's Numbers! Check your local bookstore or order from Princeton University Press or Amazon. You can read the reviews here and the first chapter here.


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MAT 1230-1235/ Introductory Statistics I-II

MAT 1320-1325/ Calculus for Liberal Arts I-II 

MAT 1330-1335/ Calculus and Quantitative Analysis I-II

MAT 1500-1505-2500/ Calculus I-II-III

MAT 2600/ Foundations of Mathematics

MAT 2705/ Differential Equations with Linear Algebra

MAT 3300/ Advanced Calculus

MAT 3305/ Topics in Analysis

MAT 3400/ Linear Algebra

MAT 3500/ Modern Algebra

MAT 3930/ History of Mathematics

MAT 4110/ Combinatorics

MAT 5110/ Topics in Geometry

MAT 5200/ Theory of Numbers

MAT 5400/ Complex Analysis


MAT 7290/ Geometry

MAT 7300/ History of Mathematics

MAT 7610/ Complex Analysis

MAT 7660/ Linear Algebra

MAT 7670/ Mathematical Logic

MAT 7770/ Number Theory

MAT 8650/ Abstract Algebra

MAT 8790/ Selected Topics

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